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Tropical disturbance 'will consolidate as it tracks to the northwest'

By Barbara Brown

Invest 94W, which meteorologists believe is in the midst of a favorable environment to develop into a storm, was last located by satellite imagery at about 3º north latitude and 144.1º east longitude. That is about 623 nautical miles south of Guam, which is located at around 13.4ºN and 144.7ºE.

It is too early to predict the possible storm's development, or to focus its track. An ensemble of global models show the storm heading anywhere from west to north, with a couple of the tracks bringing it to Guam late next week.

It was just two days ago that a meteorologist from the region, who first tracked this weather system, opined Guam was out of the woods with this system. He did caution it remained too early to make predictions.

"Global models are in general agreement that the circulation in association with Invest 94W will consolidate as it tracks to the northwest over the next 24-36 hours," a tropical disturbance summary from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center states.

Kandit will continue to monitor the National Weather Service, JTWC, and other weather services for you.

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