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Tropical Storm 22W now stronger, closer to Marianas

By Barbara Brown

(Tumon, Guam) The Joint Typhoon Warning Center earlier tonight upgraded 22W to a Tropical Storm.

The storm last was located at 11.0 degrees North latitude and 154.6 degrees East longitude, or 722 miles east-southeast of Guam. For the past four days this storm formation has moved west-northwest, developing first South of the Marshall Islands.

The storm has strengthened to maximum sustained winds of 40 mph. The track forecast has the storm passing between Tinian and Saipan as a Typhoon someone between Monday and Tuesday.

As usual, the forecast direction of the storm can shift south or north of the track. Residents throughout the Marianas should be vigilant, prepare now, and pay attention to updates.

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1 Comment

Sonja Aguon
Sonja Aguon
Oct 19, 2019

Thanks for the update please keep me inform appreciate post

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