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Up to $1,800 to be paid on November 24

By Eric Rosario

The Guam Department of Labor has confirmed its commitment to pay out up to $1,800 each in federal Lost Wages Act funding to tens of thousands of qualified unemployed on November 24.

"Pandemic Unemployment Assistance staff will focus on finalizing a list of claimants who meet the criteria, and clearing them for payment. The goal is to get all six weeks of this additional money paid out on Nov. 24 to the tens of thousands who qualify. That payment will be LWA only. The Department will also run a special PUA batch on Nov. 17." - GDOL news release

The additional $300 in weekly unemployment funding is thanks to an executive order by President Donald Trump, who took action following an impasse with Congress on unemployment benefits.

According to GDOL, to qualify for LWA, claimants must receive at least $100 in PUA. "Dates covered are weeks ending Aug. 1 to Sept. 5," according to its release. "We anticipate close to 25,000 people will qualify."

“We’ve been pushing to get these payments ready and getting the software installed on our system so we can get this extra money out. We are moving forward without the President’s signature. The PUA expiration date of Dec. 31 is getting closer, and some of our unemployed are reaching the 39-week cap on their PUA claims. Getting this money out is a priority,” said GDOL Director David Dell’Isola.

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