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UPDATE: Woman found; she is safe and back home

UPDATE (5:15 p.m., Tuesday, May 5)

Johnelena Arriola is safe and back home.

Thanks to everyone who shared Kandit News Group's story about Ms. Arriola's disappearance, John Arriola - the father - received a phone call around 4 p.m. today to pick up his daughter at Lada Mart in Dededo, where she was dropped.

Dwayne Reyes and his family live near Lada.

Vayda Reyes, Mr. Reyes's sister, commented several times on Kandit's story, "She's safe, y'all trippin." She said she personally knew Ms. Arriola was not harmed.

Mr. Reyes himself called the newsroom to demand that Kandit take down the story. When asked whether he had custody of Ms. Arriola, he said "no." He hung up, when confronted with his sister's comments about knowing Ms. Arriola's condition while she was missing.

ORIGINAL STORY: Woman missing; family believes man released by AG may have kidnapped her

John Arriola of Yigo needs your help to find his 20-year-old daughter, Johnelena Arriola, who has been missing since 1 a.m. today. Mr. Arriola believes his daughter's ex-boyfriend, Dwayne Reyes, kidnapped her, and that she is in grave danger.

Mr. Reyes was arrested Friday for assaulting Ms. Arriola. When arrested, he allegedly told police he punched her in the face because he wanted to.

The attorney general released him, despite the level of violence for which he was arrested. There is a restraining order and stay away order from the court.

Mr. Arriola said he last saw his daughter in his home, where he has been hiding and protecting her since the assault. He believes Mr. Reyes, whose family had physical custody of his baby with Johnelena, used their baby to lure Ms. Arriola out of the Yigo home in the early morning hours. Mr. Arriola found the home's door open, and his daughter's cell phone in the home.

Mr. Arriola has filed a complaint with the Guam Police Department, and has alerted the Guam Probation Office to the situation. He also has searched for his daughter at locations, where he believes Mr. Reyes may have taken his daughter, and with Johnelena's friends and known contacts.

If you know the whereabouts of either Dwayne Reyes or Johnelena Arriola, or you have information that can lead to discovery of their whereabouts, please call the Guam Police Department at 472-8911, and call Mr. Arriola at 671-777-0744.

AG's Office says judge released him

Carlina Charfauros, spokeswoman for the Attorney General's Office, says it was the judge in the case, not the AG's office, who released Mr. Reyes. When asked whether the prosecutor tried to stop the release at Mr. Reyes's magistrates hearing, Ms. Charfauros replied, "We did not ask for his confinement. The court record indicates the victim did not oppose his release."

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