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VIDEO: Tydingco allegedly offers McDonald GTA job in exchange for corrupt acts

By Jacob Nakamura

(Tumon, Guam) High-level sources at Adelup confirm that GTA Teleguam Holdings executive vice president Daniel J. Tydingco allegedy offered seaport legal counsel Joseph McDonald a job with GTA in exchange for his efforts to keep the final three Port 7 Scandal victims from getting their jobs back.

Mr. McDonald took over the legal counsel position from attorney Mike Phillips, who previously led the political witch hunt against the Port 7 together with Mr. Tydingco. The cases were on a track toward settlement, in order to save the seaport's ratepayers from any further liability for the wrongful terminations of seven employees in December 2012:

- Bernadette Meno

- Vivian Leon

- Francine Rocio

- Jojo Guevara

- Josette Javellosa

- Leonora Leon Guerrero

- Frances Arriola

The seaport has entered into settlement negotiations with five of the seven wrongfully terminated employees, with three of them already back at work. In December 2019, however, Mr. McDonald blocked a board of directors action to settle with the final two parties: Ms. Meno and Ms. Leon, despite the identical facts of the cases involving all seven parties.

Mr. McDonald also began negotiating with Ms. Javellosa in bad faith, reportedly offering a settlement that refuses to reinstate her to the position from which she was wrongfully terminated.

This sudden change from McDonald who previously recommended settlement has many insiders questioning what has caused McDonald to suddenly reverse his position. Sources close to the case reveal that McDonald has been in communication with Tydingco who appears to be the puppet master behind McDonald. McDonald reportedly has been offered a job by Tydingco at GTA should the pressure get too intense for him as he is doing the work on behalf of Tydingco.

The alleged offer of employment by GTA Executive Tydingco poses quite a bit of a legal dilemma for McDonald. If true, it could potentially violate 9 GCA § 49.30 Receiving and Giving Bribes, 9 GCA § 49.40. Unlawful Influence and 9 GCA § 49.90. Official Misconduct.

Kandit News has reached out to the Office of the Attorney General for their feedback on whether these alleged communications between Joe McDonald and Dan Tydingco are legal and ethical and whether there could be any potential violations of Guam's criminal code.

Meanwhile, Kandit News has interviewed 2 individuals - one current GTA employee and one former - who both confirmed that Tydingco approached them several years ago in the midst of the ongoing Port 7 cases at the Civil Service Commission and asked them to accept an appointment by former Governor Eddie Calvo to sit as a board member of the CSC. Both ladies have indicated that Tydingco told them he wanted them on the board specifically to vote on the Port 7 cases. Both of them declined his offer.

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