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Voter: Governor wanted me to commit voter fraud

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Commonwealth daughter and current Des Moines, Washington resident Elizabeth Rauline told Kandit News in an interview today that Gov. Ralph Torres tried to get her to vote for him in the CNMI election last year, even though she was registered to vote in Washington State.

"I told him I don't think that's legal, and he said to me 'Don't worry, just see Julita and we can make this happen,'" Ms. Rauline told Kandit about her encounter with the governor on September 1, 2018, during the annual CNMI Labor Day baseball tournament in Enumclaw, Washington.

Ms. Rauline said she believes she was not the only one whom the governor offered to register to vote in the CNMI while registered as well in Washington so they may vote for him. This is voter fraud, and is a felony.

She also told Kandit that CNMI elected and appointed officials attend the tournament every year. It was former Senator Teresita Santos who invited her to the tournament. Election Commission executive director Julita Villagomez is the 'Julita' the governor referred to. She was on the trip registering voters for Mr. Torres.

"I went up to her and told her what the governor said and I asked her if that's legal," Ms. Rauline told Kandit. "I told her it was Ralph who told me to do this, and she turned around to look at him, then looked at me and shook her head saying, 'No, that's voter fraud.' I told her that's what I thought, too."

Ms. Rauline said that Ms. Villagomez did not try to register her to vote, and in fact told her if she wanted to register she could move back to Saipan, stay there for three months, and then register to vote.

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This isnt new, its been happening for a long time. You know what else isn't new? Campaign supporters and organizers actually buying people's votes. To be fair, and to be an equal opportunity attacker, this almost always happens with both side of the campaigns. We need to throw the entire script out the window. Enough with the politricks. Enough with the recycled politicians who perpetuate this disgusting habit.


This has been going on for a Very Long Time. A large bloc of CNMI votes is cast by people who don't live here. There is the mistaken belief that a "CNMI resident" is an ethnic designation and anyone with CNMI ancestry is entitled to vote here. Clearly illegal.

Relatedly, some CNMI government offices also misunderstand the term "resident," and apply it based on ethnic background, rather than where you live. The Department of Corporations used to tell non-NMDs trying to form companies that they need a "local agent"(for a fee, of course) because they're "not CNMI residents."

As the IRS says, residency is a matter of fact, not a matter of choice. If you don't live in the CNMI,…

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