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WATCH: Congressman to people: Stay safe; MSN to govt: More info please

Please watch this video Congressman Michael San Nicolas created while in home isolation in Washington, D.C. Even at home, he hasn't stopped working.

In the video, he speaks to all the people of Guam, implores the local government to provide more information to our people, updates us on federal funding available to Guam, and asks us all to do our part to contain the spread of the virus.

The Congressman this past week canceled his trip back to Guam and temporarily suspended his campaign in an effort to contain the spread into Guam. He was concerned that because COVID-19 is spreading throughout the three states surrounding him that it was better for the safety of our people that he does not get on a plane back home in case he is an unknown carrier.

Members of Congress are all on home isolation due to the spread.

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