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WATCH: Governor's $62K staffer tells Kandit his documents are not open to public inspection

Governor's Office executive Benny C. Rosalin

By Johnnie Rosario

(Yigo, Guam) Another highly-paid Governor's Office staffer confirmed by his actions what Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero disputes only with broken promises: her administration will break the island's transparency laws to cover up much more of their wrongdoing.

Benny Rosalin, an executive at the Governor's Office, approached Kandit's Troy Torres Friday afternoon as Troy was entering Janela Carrera's office to inspect public documents. Mr. Rosalin asked Troy if he had permission to be there, to which Troy replied "I don't need permission to come here." Mr. Rosalin then told Troy that it's a bad idea to see Mr. Rosalin's public documents because he does not "relieve" his documents.

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero promised transparency, when she ran for governor one year ago

"You're a public servant," Troy challenged him, when Mr. Rosalin said the public documents in his custody are not available to the public. "I don't care," Mr. Rosalin said. So much for transparency in Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero's administration. So much for the law.

Mr. Rosalin is paid $62,050 annually in base pay and benefits by the taxpayers to work at the Governor's Office. His duties are unknown. Earlier this year Kandit requested public documents from the Department of Administration that should list the duties and responsibilities of each of Adelup's staffers. The DOA human resources division told Kandit that no such documents exist.

Mr. Rosalin has no executive management experience in the executive branch, despite his executive-level salary.

His employment for the past 16 years has been as a professional campaigner for past democratic campaigns. He calls himself, "delta force," or a designation he gave himself for his role in campaigns erecting political signs throughout the island for candidates he supports.

He ran several times unsuccessfully for mayor of Piti. The residents never elected him because, well, as you will see, he's an idiot.

Watch the one-minute exchange here.

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