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WATCH: Murder defendant's father prays his son is innocent, is cooperating with investigation

By Troy Torres

LeRoy Moore, the father of arrested murder defendant Nicholas Moore, said in an exclusive interview with Kandit News he prays his son is innocent of the allegations that he murdered Michael Castro October 30 last year.

The elder Moore, who owns Unitek, said he is not aware of his boat ever being used by his son to dump Castro's body in the ocean. An affidavit for a federal arrest warrant states authorities believe this is what happened following Castro's murder.

He also said he was not aware his son was wanted in connection with Castro's murder until he was arrested in Florida yesterday.

LeRoy Moore denied assisting his son to leave Guam to escape suspicion of the murder, and said Nicholas Moore was sent off island for treatment for his drug addiction.

You may watch our phone interview with LeRoy Moore below:


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