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Weather system developing, upgraded, heading this way

By Barbara Brown

If Invest 94W continues to develop and move along predictions, it will be headed in the direction of the Mariana Islands, according to global forecasts. It still is too early, though, to predict a storm will be coming or, if it does, whether it will bring damaging or destructive weather.

A little after midnight Monday, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center placed the storm at around 300 nautical miles southeast of Guam. JTWC also upgraded 94W's chances of forming into a significant tropical cyclone within the next 24 hours from medium to high.

The latest bulletin by JTWC now states "Invest 94W is in a favorable environment for tropical development... Numerical models are in good agreement that Invest 94W will continue to track west-northwestward as it slowly consolidates over the next 24-36 hours."

The National Weather Service on Guam has not yet issued a special weather statement on 94W for today, though public statements over the weekend cautioned the public throughout the Mariana Islands to pay attention to news on this system as it is expected to develop.

According to NWS, the weather forecast for today and tonight, as of 4:05 a.m. Monday is mostly cloudy with scattered showers and chances of thunderstorms.

Stay tuned to Kandit for the latest on Invest 94W.

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