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WEATHER: There will be a bit of rain

By Barbara Brown

Today's high temperature in the Marianas has forecasted to drop to 88º at the hottest point today. Does it make a difference from the 89º and 90º we've been seeing the past couple weeks? Continue showering.

God, Mother Nature, the forces of the universe, or the Incredibles - whoever or whatever you believe controls weather patterns - will bring a bit of rain everywhere throughout the region today and tonight, except Chuuk.

How about the July 4 weekend?

The National Weather Service is forecasting (and this still is a few days out, so that forecast can change) a great July 4 weekend to barbecue, take the family to the beach (are the rulers of Guam and the CNMI allowing that?), and get out and do fun things during the day and night.

Stay tuned for weather updates as we head into the weekend.

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You forgot to name the Gods of Guam!

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