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When actions speak louder than words

Gov. Ralph Torres wrote this cute column in the Marianas Variety about how all the mounting evidence of public corruption and foreign interference in a United States election are somehow a conspiracy by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States District Court chief judge Ramona Manglona, the Internal Revenue Service, Bloomberg, the New York Times, the elected officials who have dared to question him, and Kandit News Group.

Rather than meeting the governor with our words, we thought the more compelling way to dispel the governor's defensive essay would be to present even just a fraction of the evidence of his crimes, including his other words printed on public documents he has issued that directly contradict everything he wrote in his column. Many of these documents even come complete with his signature.

Perhaps tomorrow the governor will tell us the sky isn't blue.

(NOTE: These only are 98 of hundreds of public documents featuring evidence of public corruption. The governor has not issued a shred of evidence in his defense and continues to use his Republican minions in the Legislature to block an investigation into his conduct)

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@elkapitan, et al. I am hopeless at Korean names, but Ralph resembles Kim in some pictures, and both are fat.

I agree with your assessment of the MV. A local judge observed that IPI always got preferred treatment.

Thank goodness for Kandit News. "And the truth shall make you...informed!"

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Si Nena Nai
Si Nena Nai
29 Ιαν 2020

Took a while for Ralphy to say something. RME And VivaMarianas.... I might know just who you really are. I'd like to stick some crack into your crack hoping it finds way to that brainless head of yours. Pew! Pew!

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Kim Il Un? Has there been a coup in North Korea, or are you boys plastered?

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He is hoping for a Trump pardon. The focus on conspiracy theories, his family, and the evil FBI and lying press are a clear appeal to Trump. Trump values loyalty and nothing else, and Ralph was the first governor to endorse him, and has kept endorsing him. It's a bit of a longshot, especially since Ralph is brown and doesn't have any pull in swing states, but it may be Ralph's only hope. Of course, before there's a pardon, there has to be a conviction.

Clearly this was not written by Ralph, and if not written by Pat Smith, then was written or at least edited by an attorney, and approved by Pat Smith. There are the classic "to the…

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@ Russ, I have made similar comments for years now about Ralphy Boy looking like Kim Ill Un but Zaldy always censors them along with nicknames as when I refer to Ralphy Boy even when referring to Victor Hocog by his nick name which is "Slick Vick" this along with so much other relative and factual comments that refernce certain people in this Admin. or are critical of the MV and it so called reporters. That is always censored out.

It is very obvious that the MV is somehow also connected to this Admin. due to their censoring and many times changing the whole meaning of the comment or not printing comment at all which is many times about half…

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