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When actions speak louder than words

Gov. Ralph Torres wrote this cute column in the Marianas Variety about how all the mounting evidence of public corruption and foreign interference in a United States election are somehow a conspiracy by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States District Court chief judge Ramona Manglona, the Internal Revenue Service, Bloomberg, the New York Times, the elected officials who have dared to question him, and Kandit News Group.

Rather than meeting the governor with our words, we thought the more compelling way to dispel the governor's defensive essay would be to present even just a fraction of the evidence of his crimes, including his other words printed on public documents he has issued that directly contradict everything he wrote in his column. Many of these documents even come complete with his signature.

Perhaps tomorrow the governor will tell us the sky isn't blue.

(NOTE: These only are 98 of hundreds of public documents featuring evidence of public corruption. The governor has not issued a shred of evidence in his defense and continues to use his Republican minions in the Legislature to block an investigation into his conduct)

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