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Where in the world is Jackie Marati?

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Jacqueline Arriola Marati, senior vice president of communications at the Bank of Guam

An entire investigative series is unraveling what is estimated to be a billion-dollar gambling monopoly found to be breaking the law on numerous counts, the vice speaker of the Guam Legislature has introduced legislation to stop the gambling lords's monopoly, a local justice advocate forced action against the illegal operation of these poker-style slot machines near children in at least two locations in as many days, AND YET THE ISLAND HASN'T HEARD ONE PEEP FROM NORMALLY-VERBOSE JACKIE MARATI FROM THE anti-gambling group Linala Sin Casino.

Ms. Marati has, for years, been one of the loudest opponents of efforts to allow a casino industry that would have not been regulated to just one company running things. She actively and loudly campaigned against transparent initiatives to allow a casino industry in 1996, 2000, 2008, and an attempt in 2010.

Starting in 2013, when former Sen. Chris Duenas's Bill No. 19-32 was considered and eventually passed, allowing Guam Music, Inc. to operate hundreds of slot machines called Liberty, Symbolix, and Match Play, Ms. Marati began to quiet down her advocacy. This is despite the warnings from social workers, recovering drug addicts, and even business owners that these machines and the gamerooms they would be in would attract exactly what Ms. Marati had warned against loudly for years: drug abuse, neglect of children and families, lost revenue, black market activities, and more crime.

It has been six years, and the data clearly shows that these consequences have come to fruition; yet, Ms. Marati has been absent from any kind of advocacy to end this monopoly.


Ms. Marati is the senior vice president for communications at the Bank of Guam, which is owned by Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero's family and is run by Ms. Leon Guerrero's son, Joaquin L.G. Cook. The bank is the account holder for Guam Music, Inc.

Ms. Leon Guerrero herself told voters on October 25, 2018, days before the General Election, that she was opposed to gambling. Just a few days ago, money walked more than her BS could talk. She told island media that she is opposed to Ms. Nelson's gambling-busting bill.

Kandit Thursday reached out to Ms. Marati, emailing her on whether she will be saying anything with regard to Ms. Nelson's bill. Ms. Marati has not responded to the email as of the publication of this story.

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