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Witness in Song case dispels complainant's testimony

Jayson Song

By Johnnie Rosario

(Hagatna, Guam) Attorney Lenny Rapadas, who is prosecuting veteran Jayson Song on charges that he raped a woman, put on the stand a witness who directly contradicted the testimony of the complainant, who accused Mr. Song of rape.

From the start of the trial, the prosecution has had problems presenting to the jury testimony and evidence that did not contradict claims by the complainant that she was raped. As a matter of fact, when the complainant took the stand, she contradicted parts of her own testimony several times. She even alleged that statements made by police officers who testified in the case were incorrect.

Throughout the trial, the complainant maintained that she and Mr. Song went to Mr. Song's home, where she stayed in his car parked outside the gate to his home. She said she was scared to leave the car and was held against her will by Mr. Song.

Mr. Rapadas on October 28 presented his last witness, who was with Mr. Song and the complainant for parts of the day in question. The witness said that when she first saw the complainant, she was exiting Mr. Song's home with Mr. Song. She was not in the car.

The defense did not present any witnesses before closing arguments began. Both Mr. Rapadas and Mr. Song's counsel, Attorney David Lujan, presented their arguments to the jury before court ended today. Tomorrow, Judge Vernon Perez will provide the jury their instructions before they enter deliberations.

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