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Woman publicly accuses Igros of exploiting her using his police powers

By Jacob Nakamura

Federal authorities since 2018 have been investigating local law enforcement for abusing their badge in order to rape women.

Their victims were strategically chosen: women with a history of drug abuse.

Once arrested for drug use, they became malleable to the whims of the system. Some of them were used as informants. Others were released and watched.

Some of the women were exploited by corrupt Marshals and police officers who had access to them while they were on probation. A Federal Bureau of Investigation agent tipped off the public to the investigation during an open court proceeding involving former Yona mayor Jesse Blas.

One of the women who says she was exploited by a dirty cop is speaking up now. Cheryl Brewer tells Kandit News that Customs officer and former Mandana Drug Task Force member Gene Igros broke into her home several times while he was on duty.

"He would be laying on my bed," she said. "He even forced my neighbors to move their cars so he could park inside my yard or else he would arrest them."

Ms. Brewer had previously been arrested by the now-defunct Mandana Drug Task Force for drug possession. She does not deny her past, but says she never accepted how Igros used her probationary status and trouble with the law to exploit her.

Igros would arrive unannounced and uninvited to Ms. Brewer's home in the middle of the night, according to her. "He would stalk me wherever I went," she said. In short, Igros would threaten to arrest Ms. Brewer if she did not accept his advances.

On one of the nights she found him in her bed he grabbed her from behind and she fought him off. Shortly after she rejected him, he went after her and had her arrested.

This is not an isolated story to one bad cop.

Kandit previously has reported about Superior Court deputy Marshal Alan Ecle, who has been under investigation for threatening women on probation to sleep with him against the threat of arresting them for violations of their probation terms.

You may listen below to two interviews we conducted with Ms. Brewer, where she tells her story.

Kandit sent the first interview to the Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency, which already is investigating Igros for other unrelated rape accusations. Customs spokeswoman Jessi Santos-Torres said the matter has been referred for investigation.

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