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Wondering where your tax refund is?

Monthly Income Tax Refund Status Report for September

The government of Guam owes thousands of people tens of millions of dollars in tax refunds, and anticipates that thousands more people will file a refund claim by the end of the year.

The kicker? We're only two months away from tax refund claims starting anew for the 2019 tax refunds.

Today the administration announced that $1.5 million covering 562 tax refund checks will be mailed out cover A-status refunds filed on or before April 27, 2018 this year. Several residents have complained that their refund, for which they filed and claimed earlier than April 15 this year, still hasn't been paid.

According to the October 1 run date of the Monthly Income Tax Refund Status Report by the Department of Revenue and Taxation, 8,660 individual and corporate tax refunds dating from 2006 to 2018 still haven't been paid. For 2018, as of October 1, there were 2,861 individual claims alone. Taxpayers numbering in the hundreds for each of the years between 2011 through 2017 still are waiting for their refunds.

Corporate income tax filers have waited the longest, with numbers and corresponding amounts of still-due refunds remaining virtually unchanged in every tax year column in the report for every month this administration has been in office.

Kandit asked governor's director of communications Janela Carrera today for an update on when the administration expects to pay overdue refunds and those thousands of refunds pending payment. She said she would be speaking with director of revenue and taxation Dafne Shimizu regarding this. Ms. Carrera has not yet replied to our inquiry.

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