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Yigo dogs beaten with hammer

Judge Michael Bordallo twice let the Yigo Dog Killer off the hook

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Horrible news of the heinous beating and death of two dogs in Yigo has been reported by Guam Animals In Need. Information as to why this happened is scarce, however source information reports that the beating happened in relation to a domestic violence case. The dogs were thrown into the trash to die after being beaten with a hammer. A person was apprehended at the scene by police, according to GAIN, however, Lt. Stephen Amaguin, special assistant to the chief of police (the SACOP) said an arrest or arrests have not been made at this time.

A cruelty against animals complaint was made at the Dededo precinct, according to Mr. Amaguin. When questioned whether these crimes happened as a result of a domestic violence incident, he answered, "I cannot answer that at this time." The case is under investigation.

Yigo also is home to the Dog Killer, Gerald Wayne Cruz II, whom Superior Court Judge Michael Bordallo let off the hook twice over the past year. Mr. Cruz has been indicted twice for killing Pugua, a family dog he shot outside the front door of Pugua's home on September 26, 2018. Other dogs in the area were found shot and killed after that incident. Mr. Bordallo dismissed both his cases, making him just as much a piece of shit as Mr. Cruz.

Whether the incidents in 2018, other incidents of dogs being shot in other areas of Yigo and Dededo in 2019, and this latest incident are related are yet to be determined.

Here are the details provided by GAIN:

Two dogs were found severely beaten with a hammer in Yigo, following an apparent domestic violence incident. Their bodies were hidden in piles of trash. One died this morning, while the other was found breathing but later succumbed to his injuries.
This morning, GAIN employees responded to reports of a crying, injured dog in Yigo. The Guam Police Department (GPD) also arrived at the scene, responding to a domestic violence incident.
Once the site was secured by police, the two dogs were found. “We’re told someone beat these pets with a hammer, then tossed their bodies into a pile of trash,” said GAIN Board President, Cyrus Luhr. “But it appears they were still alive after the attack. They suffered and cried all night,” he added.
“GAIN staff found one still breathing, but his eye had popped out. He had been repeatedly, violently struck in the head,” said Mr. Luhr. “He still cried in pain after we found him,” he added. The dog was rushed to a nearby veterinary clinic, Animal Medical Clinic, where Dr. Malakooti determined he had extreme brain damage and needed to be euthanized to end his suffering.
After examining the bodies, it was estimated that both dogs survived the initial attack, and likely suffered through the night before dying this morning.
Both dogs appear to have been well-fed, domesticated pets of medium size. At this time, their ownership is unclear.
An individual was apprehended at the scene and is currently being treated for injuries. It is unclear whether any arrest on charges of animal cruelty have been made. This story is developing, and GAIN will provide additional information as it becomes available.
If you have any information on this crime, please call: Guam Crime Stoppers at 477-4357.
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This breaks my heart and angers me. We need tougher penalties for the inhumane treatment of animals or a judge that will actually prosecute these f@&#!=$ to the fullest extent of the law except of setting a precedence!!!


Wow that’s crazy hope they find who did this

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