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WATCH: Probe reveals Torres used public funds to purchase battery for personal car sold weeks later

It is official and on the record. Gov. Ralph Torres, according to testimony provided by Bureau of Motor Vehicles director Juana Leon Guerrero and documents the governor turned in, was reimbursed by the Commonwealth for a battery be bought for a personal vehicle. And according to documents Ms. Leon Guerrero submitted to the Commonwealth Legislature in its ongoing corruption probe against the governor, he bought that battery the same day he acquired that personal van, which was sold again weeks later.

Watch this clip above of the proceedings of the House Judiciary and Governmental Operations Committee, where the relevant documents and testimony are entered into the record.

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Tinakatak Drive
Tinakatak Drive
Aug 09, 2021

This governor is one sick !!! Saki hao na satanas!!! Un na tetekun si nanamu pagu na momentu!!!

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