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NEWS: The FBI pays Robert Hunter a visit

By Nancy I. Maanao

(Capitol Hill, Saipan) Sources within the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs tell Kandit News that its secretary, Robert Cunter, was paid a special visit today.

Two agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation flashed their badges and asked to see Mr. Hunter. The employees were not told why the FBI agents were there, nor were they privy to any discussions that may have happened.

This is a developing story.

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Re: The Marianas Variety and The Saipan Tribune. I know many of you don't care for these newspapers, but who else covers the Rotary Club luncheons?

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Nice dress, Mr. Hunter. All you need now is a few accessories.

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If he was any more bottom, he'd be Neptune.

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What in Neptune's name is he wearing in that photo? Does it come with a matching purse? Flame much?

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I see now Variety will not post the link to kandit in a comment. Also they will not post a link to Tribune in related articles. Most of the time the MV does not post the news report until a day or more after Tribune has already posted the news. That is besides MV continually censuring part of the comment, many times changing the meaning and intent of the article. OR not post it at all.

This is one of the reasons have to get rid of these CW's and other long term workers as they become complacent and think they own the islands especially when one of them is put into an upper position. Majority are Filipino that fit…

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